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Бесплатный пробный периодБесплатный тариф
Бесплатный пробный периодБесплатный пробный период
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5.00 / 5 1 отзыв

Чат для повышения эффективности работы с клиентами. Настройка деталей оформления, история бесед, информация о посетителях. Бесплатный тариф.

Monthly 1 year 2 year
Price, per agent, per month 17 $ 15 $ 12 $
Chat tools
File sharing: Send and receive JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and TXT files via the chatbox.
Chat transfers: Reassign chats to deliver consistent service and efficient solutions.
Visitor details: View visitor name, location, and more while you chat.
Chat notifications: Receive desktop notifications for new chat messages.
Visitor page tracking: Track the URL of visitors as they move through your site.
Chat Analytics
Chat volume: Monitor chat volume to identify your busiest times and staff accordingly.
Chat tagging: Add custom tags to your chats for transcript sorting and analysis.
Chat volume: Monitor chat volume to identify your busiest times and staff accordingly.
Chat tagging: Add custom tags to your chats for transcript sorting and analysis.
Visitor history: Review prior interactions with visitors from within the chat console.
Emailed reports: Receive daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of data in your inbox.
Google Analytics: Automatically add chat events to your Google Analytics dashboard.
Transcript archives: Review, search, and filter complete transcripts of all you chats.
Team Management
Groups: Create agent groups to route chats by department, specialty, and more.
Conversation limit: Improve service by limiting the number of chats per agent.
Activity monitoring: View chat volume, agent activity, and other metrics in real-time.
Agent performance reports: View agent availability, response times, and ratings.
Customer satisfaction survey: Ask visitors to rate their service when a chat ends.
Pre-chat survey: Ask questions or request contact details before starting a chat.
Chat routing: Automatically assign chats based on visitor details.
Proactive chat: Initiate a chat when a visitor meets your specified criteria.
Canned responses: Speed up chat with keyboard shortcuts for frequently-used messages.
Visitor targeting: Automate messages and chatbox behavior based on visitor details.
Automatic greeter: Greet visitors with an automated chat message.
Offline contact form: Offer a custom contact form when chat is offline.
API: Control the chatbox appearance and behavior through Olark's JavaScript API.
Custom logo: Attach your company logo to your chatbox, or choose another custom image.
Chat box theme: Customize your chatbox colors, shape, and more to match your brand.
Unlimited domains: Add your chatbox to multiple websites, or to subdomains.
Language selection: Set your chatbox and chat console to your preferred language.
Right to left support: Customize your chatbox to support right-to-left languages.
GDPR consent: Add pre-chat visitor consent options to your chatbox.
Data redaction: Automatically redact a visitor data from transcripts.
Data encryption: All Olark data is stored with AES symmetric encryption.
Troll block: IP ban: Hide the chatbox from specified IP addresses and block trolls.
Cobrowsing: View, annotate, and control your visitor's screen. 99 $ 99 $ 99 $
Non-branded chat box: Remove 'Powered by Olark' branding from you chatbox. 59 $ 59 $ 59 $
Live chat translation: Automatically translate messages in 100+ languages. 29 $ 29 $ 29 $
Visitor insights: Social: Collect visitor data from public websites and social profiles. 59 $ 59 $ 59 $
Visitor insights: Social and Professional: Collect visitor data from business websites and social profiles. 99 $ 99 $ 99 $
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